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Toxic Stone Soup: Is "Immunizations Sterilize" a Myth?


There are those who say, "Immunizations are a sneaky way to mass sterilize the population of the world."

Those are not my words. I am not sure who "They" are who start the rumors.


The above image is the face of measles, a not so child-like horrible and preventable disease. Courtesy of

To be honest, I take everything with a grain of salt. When you have big pot of good information, you have to know there may be something toxic all stired up with healthy stuff, too. Or, there could be one good thing covering up the 99% toxic. We have to be informed and be  aware.


I can gather some url of links by those who warn against immunizations, claiming they will mass sterilize, prevent people from having babies. I can not and will not say this is happening or not. But, I feel all parents do need to be aware that many sources are throwing this possible myth into the confusing pot of toxic stone soup.

Be fully informed about the diseases immunizations are meant to prevent and the side effects of those immunizations BEFORE consenting for your children to be vaccinated.

Try to sort fact from the  fiction. Or is it the other way around?

Rumors, gossip, and myths are just that. There maybe some basis, but by the time a rumor, gossip or myth has gone from one person to the next, to the next, to the next...

Like old game of  telephone where one person whispers a phrase or sentence in the ear of the person next to him  and that person whispers to the next and the next and then next....

Most often when the last person repeats what he heard outloud, the results are very far from what the origional phrase was. In this game of telephone because the end result was NOT accurate, does it mean that someone lied?

Probably not.

I think this may be a simple explanation at the heart of the immunization controversy.

That is my opinion.

One reporter's take on Bill Gates, immunzations and sterilization...

Bill Gates, polio vaccines and sterilisation myths ? why do they persist?

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation - Mon, 11 Feb 2013 02:53 PM

Author: emma-batha 

I do hope you take the time to click on the link  to read the post I shared right above. That is the author's interpretation about a statement Bill Gates had made and an incident where immunization workers had been shot to death over it. People believed what may or may not be the  myth that the immunizations were intended to prevent their children from bearing children in the future.

I live in the United States. While I read a lot and take an interest in learning about other cultures, quite frankly, I am sure I don't always fully undertand what it would be like to live in any other country or continent. Therefore, I can not judge anyone else for their choices. American parents do seem to be listening to what may of may not be hysteria thus chosing to not immunize their children.

We really need to understand the whole picture.

Not so child- like diseases are coming back to do great harm. Young parents can not seem to fathom the devasting effects of these diseases.

History lesson
In case anyone forgot, from the beginning of time famlies needed to have many children, yes needed many familiy members in order to survive.
  • Mothers and/or babies died in childbirth
  • Many children never grew to adulthood. Many died of diseases.
  • Many hands make light work: the more children you had the easier the work load in food production for everyone.  Improved economics for the family. Perhaps, even wealth.
  • Safety in numbers
I have to admit that I am kind of slow about catching on to the facts of life stuff unless some one breaks it down and tells me. I never figured it out on my own. For example...
  • In times of war men are far away. When men are far away at war the rate of birth in population decreases.
Men are not home to be having sexual intercourse that will make more babies in the women at home. There I said it. My mother used to say, "The only thing you need to know about sex is if you don't want to get pregnant, don't be doing it."

"Natural birth control" cause decreases in birth rate that will in time reduce the incidence of cases of "child-hood diseases" just because there are fewer potential victims.

(Adults can contract these diseases if they had been able to avoid them in childhood.)

Feel free to laugh...
I spent my middle school and high school years worrying that I might being doing it , whatever  it was, get pregnant with an illegitmate baby and forever be scorned in my community. And what of a baby, an innocent baby that did nothing worng?

Not much of this made sense to me at all. I know I am not the only one who has experienced confusion on what the birds and bees had to do with anything.

Myth: Birth control in something new.
Methods of family planning have been around for longer than we know, even condoms and IUD's.
I read once that middle eastern camel hurders dicovered that olive pits stuck into the vagina of a camel was the first IUD. I guess there was need for family planing with camels.

They made condoms out of sheep gutts or some such thing. When  ever people figured out, without sex ed or Sex for Dum-dum's self help manuals, what this doing it created, even though they needed big families, at times it would not be prudent to be making a new baby, that may or may not survive. (Take breathe!)

Don't do IT!
In the 1970's when I knew what it  was all about, I learned that in many under-developed countries helpful medical people gave out the new birth control pill. (Few lie birth menas few children dying anddying of preventable dieases by get immunized.)

That went over like a lead balloon.

It seemed that many women were not that interested in remembering to faithfully take the pill every day. Why not save time a take 2 or 3 on one day? I was not there, so I am guessing.

I was 20 years old and single when I was about to graduate from nursing school then get married in 1972.

I did not understand why people had sex knowing they could be making a new baby, especially if the family was starving to death already. Remembering that my mother had said, "If you don't want to get pregant don't do it," to not being having sex made perfect responcible, naive sense to me.

Duh? I had to ask.
Apparently, in times of stress, people need a form of escape from the harsh reality. Having sex is a relief that cost nothing in the moment. If alcohol, or some kind of drug is available that will induce a high, people will turn to the use of substances. That goes with out saying that sexual realtionships, for the most part, is normal and healthy for aduts in a commited relationship.

While I personally did not find this logical, seeking relief from pain and suffering is a natural thing for any living being, I was told. (I get it now.)

Now, that I got that information under my belt I get it why starving and oppressed people continue to make babies. Sexaul relations is a neccesary and normal part of living.We all need intimacy in order to survive.

Pulling to gether the relevance of immunizations and sterilization:

Let me tell you this is tough one for me to pull together. This subject is awkward.
Perhaps reading the article I suggested above will have already cleared it for you.

Looking at countries where they have drought, famine and oppressive leadership where they still have preventable diseases killing their dear children, having sex and making babies is a God given right in most people's mind as musch as being able to breathe fresh air for free. But some greedy elite groups do not agree.

Disease, its crippling effects and death are a never ending circle unless interrupted by wiping out those disease with an innoculation. For most parents, we all want our children to survive. When families are used to children dying we all have an inborn need to keep the family alive. The solution would seem to have more babies that may survive to carry on the family unit. this is natural and who are we to judge?

Why would they want anyone to come in to their community to destroy the future of their family's survival by forcing vaccines on them, then, IF they would affect the surval of the family unit?
(And, I want to see the terrible diseases wiped out.)

It does not matter where you live in the world, human beings do not want someone else forcing their will on their right to life for their family. If you were told truthfully or lied to that immunzations that could save your child's life but would cause your famiy name/ unit to die out, how would you feel?

I would feel the need to do something. That is why I am pulling together are kinds of views whether I believe them to be fact or not. I simply do not have enough information to tell you one or the other is fact or fiction. The newest vaccines hav NOT been tested long enough to know for sure one way or the other. Statistics can always be twisted for the view point. And, why is that?

Parents of the world have big decisions to make for the children, everyday. At times, the choices we make can be life threatening. When information is all thrown into a pot with good, bad and toxic even the good ingredients can become contaminated.
World Health Organizations have been working for decades/ generations to wipe out diseases. Ideally, the cure is a safe  alternative to the devasting effects of measles, smallpox, diptheria, polio and more.
As responcible adults, we do have to question everything in the best interests of our children. We can be swayed by images of children in advertisements. We then question if we made the right decision or not. Or, we might join a band wagon based on hysteria.
I really don't believe that every bit of information/ propoganda is accurate. Do you? How did you feel when you saw the image I used above? 
The Immunization Action Coalition allows people who educate to use these photos when proper credit is given.
I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, "educate yourself to make good choices."
Disclaimer: I am responcible for my own opinion. Below are 3 links that are related to my topic in this post. The respective authors are responcible for their information for I which I do not endorce as my own. I hope the inofrmation will help you to make your own informed choices about immunizations.
Have you read my earlier related posts?
FYI: OOPS! I will be posting on Nanna's Spot, right here, untill I fgure out what I did to make not be able to save and edit.
Update:  I found this article today so I am passing it along for your consideration. The information presented is the author's. I do not neccassirlity endorse this as fact or not. I simply do not know. It is what it is for you to research and make your own conculsions.

CDC cover-up: Polio vaccine contaminated with cancer causing virus

Monday, September 16, 2013 by: Carolanne Wright
Learn more:


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Peanut Allergy Alert Chocolate Covered Raisens


OOPS! Chocolate covered Peanuts NOT chocolate covered raisens!


According to the August 27,2013 press release Amport Milk Chocolate Raisins have been recalled in the interest for safety for those who are allergic to peanuts.

Fortunately only one lot of Amport chocolate covered peanuts were mislabeled to say Chocolate covered raisens instead. These are safe to eat only if you are not allergic to nuts. Please do report to the number below should you discover you have bought a container of these peanuts believing they are raisens.

Quoting the FDA website:

 "This product was distributed to Albertsons, Farm Fresh/Supervalu, Hy-Vee and The Kroger Co. stores in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and West."

12oz Clear Tub (UPC: 0 71725 71190 8)

Lot Code: 078X344

Best Buy: 12-19-13

Grocery stores should have already removed this product. But, if you have already purchased this lot of mislabled milk chocolate, please carefully check the under side of the box for the label.

 Call the company at 855-273-0466. Please state "Milk Chocolate Raisin Recall" for a full refund.

I watch for press releases of recalled items, then re-share the information as a public service. I am not compensated nor have any vested interest in the product.

I would always be interested to know if my recall posts have helped you. Feel free to leave a comment.

The image is the courtesty of the FDA website:

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nannasaying, "Make good choices."


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Car-seat Adapters For Strollers Recalled


Parents, listen up his recall involves about 23,700 child's carseat adapters in the United States and 6,500 in Canada.


I posted  2 or 4 images available for this jogging stroller seat adapters due to a fall hazard. This is single and a double model. The newer modle has less hoes in this things and is OK.

The Babyjogger  company will replace the item in question for your child's safety. See the red x and greeen check above. 

For more detailed explanation please check the CPC website. The images are the public service courtesy.

Can you imagine how scary it would be to be  tot strapped in the car-seat that is supposed to be strapped in for safety and he/she tumbles over on the ground?

Please keep your kids safe and make good choices.

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Vita-mix Blender Recalled


The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a press release on August 28, 2013 #13-273 for the Vitamix 64-ounce Low-Profile Container recall.


So far there have been 18 reports of the blade breaking with the potential for lacerations.

I found this information from the CPSC a bit confusing with all of the #'s of parts and pieces.

The recall involves 165,000 blenders in the United States and an additional 4,300 in Canada, according to the CPSC.

Some consumers have purchashed this blender on line direct from the company at  " from April 2012 to August 2013 for a pretty penny. $529 to $749 . " YIKES! that must be a very good blender. Others have purchased this item at show demonstrations at fairs and retail stores.  Vitamix blender models 7500, the professional series 133 and 750.

Definitely not the kind of blender to be letting the little kids be playing around with to make smoothies or playdough.

Here is the number to call to get a instructions fo a repair if that blender matches or you bought if for someone for a wedding present. 

Vitamix toll-free at (888) 350-4386,

 or by going to

I write my version of recalls with as much accurcy as posible, with my own twists, as a public service. Won't you please share this and all recalls on -line as you can.


go to the CPSC website and pass that on.

The image is provided as courtesy for this site.

Please remember to use all equipment such as this with great care and safety. Please carefully instruct your children who want to use this, when they are eld enough to use this kind of appliance. This is not a toy.

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, "make good choices."


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Toxic Stone Soup Series Continues on Informed Immunizations



On NoNon-centsNannablog and Nanna's spot blog I have been writing about the controversies of immunizations. It seems that as parents we are faced with the good, the bad and the toxic all thrown into one pot of stew. Who can you believe in order to made good choices for our families? I am gathering up many sides to the story so you may be able to make the choices best or you.

 CDC Vaccine Statement 

Did you know that Federal Law requires Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) be provided to the patient, the parent or legal guardian this inoformation before any immunization is given?

I just receieved the url below in my email. I want to keep up to date on current information so I subscribe to this type of articles.

Please go to this site to read a little disgestible portion at a time before you get the kids' their shots.

Are you making an informed decision?

I am human. I can not be everywhere so I need your feedback. I am wondering just how much before your child gets immunizied are you being given the fact sheet?

Gosh, my kids are adults. It has been awhile since I went with the grandkids for their shots. It has been a while since I managed the immunization records of 100's o Head Start enrolled kids.

Laws have changed. But, my memories of wiggling kids not wantingto be in an immunization clinic or doctor's office have not changed. Are you following me, here?

Yep, you have this fine print sheet put out by the CDC, thank you, in your hand to read. Right! You also have a diaper bag,  kid needing to go potty, now! Someone else's child giving you a spilliting head ache from that non-stop scream...

Forgive me, please for being negative, but really, what parent lives in La-la Land at an appointment? The majority of parents will know what I an talking about, here.

Where is the informed desision when we can't think straight?

And, for that matter, I wonder just how many parents really know what the names or the little letters of the shots even mean? Have today's young parnets ever seen even a picture of the diseases or know the effects that disease can cause?

Many of today's parents are so more well informed than parents were generations ago becasue we the internet.

Unfortunately, reading the vis is not required reading before a couple makes a baby.

Raising a child and keeping it fed and healthy is more than a full time job. We have so many decisions to make that we never ever could have anticiapted.

Yeah, if I was handed the Federally mandated fact sheet, I highly doubt that I would read it and study it all that well, myself. I am just asking if we are really making the most informed decsisions or not. The government has its backside covered in case...

...but, what about our children in the long run IF the toxic side effects are worse than the horrible desaease we do want to prevent?

I do not know the best answer. That is why I am trying to safe you all some research by gathering as many versions that I can.

Reviewing related posts...

 I will be continuing this series to include bottled water, food dyes and more. In my last post, I shared  my daughter's, Mikaela Hayes, college research on Children and Propoganda. It is shocking how using children to advertise a product, idea, theory and so on... does sway public opinion that may not be in our best interests.

Now it is your turn to sound off... be continued...

I am Malika Bourne the NoNon-centsNanna saying, "make good choices."

The above image of a child with diptheria  is courtesy of It is public domain that if copied  and shared should come directly from the url listed, not my page.

Check out this link for an update of teen and immunizations:

Tave you read the other posts in this Toxic Stone Soup Series?


Update: Cases of whooping cough are on the rise.





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