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Grandma and Grandpa are getting a Grey Divorse


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Grandma and Grandpa are getting a Grey Divorce

Link: http://www.fabafterfifty.co.uk/2013/08/23/5-tips-to-help-navigate-money-during-a-divorce-in-our-50s-and-60s-free-webinar/

According to the NY Times 1/4 of all divorces are among the over age 50 group.

We are all in shock about Grandma and Grandpa getting divorce.

Right off I want to say I am not pushing divorce. 

I am not going to quote a ton of statistics nor will I pass judgement. You don't want to hear it any way, do you? You are a real person under a ton of stress and you have been for a long, long time in your marriage.

Or maybe you are the adult children who never expectd your folks to spilt up.

I am divorced for many years. I am really over age 60. Many people raise their eyes brows at this; me being a single woman and all.

Let me tell you, not having a mate to be supportive has been tough. It was worse, for me and my kids, staying married. Don't be asking whose fault it was. It does not matter at this point.

What matters is every family member needs support from their loved ones.

  • Be a good listener
  • Avoid judging
  • Avoid blaming
  • Allow the ones divorcing to have their own power control over their decisions without taking over for them
  • Gently offer resources that may or may not help, such as this one.

"I read something interesting, Let me know if you want the link." Then, keep your mouth shut.

Not re-inventing the wheel...

Here is part in my post where No Non-cents Nanna refers you to another link that will help you with the best information I can find about getting divorced after age 50 or even 60.

From Fab and Fifty an Article by Helen Collier

5 Tips to help you step navigate the money during a divorce.


  • In this post you will read five tips to help your self or help guide your friend or your parent.
  • Please  click the link to read this post. 
  • At the end about 5 important tips is an announcement for a Free Webinar  to be held Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 at 7pm BST. You will need to register.


I, Malika Bourne have no vested interest in this webinar and all content is solely that of the presenter. I am sharing this as someone you and I know may need this supportive information.

Feel free to let me know if you found this information helpful.

"The International Academy of Attorneys for Divorce Over 50 

Here is another blog that may help you. Again, I have no vested intererest and the information belongs soley to those authors. The site is from The International Academy of Attorneys for Divorce Over 50 

Their purpose is and I quote,"The International Academy of Attorneys for Divorce Over 50 is focused on the unique concerns of people over fifty years of age going through divorce and post-divorce matters."


I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, "Make good choices."

The image of my late grandparents, George and Hulda Bakehouse is copyrighted property of the Bakehouse sisters. All rights reserved.




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