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A Watched Pot Does Not Boil


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A Watched Pot Does Not Boil

A Watched Pot Does Not Boil Until You Put Some Heat Under it


This beautiful +still+ life +Photograph was taken by my + father a number of years ago. He was a +Professional +Portrait +photographer. Dad had an and eye for details.


The tea kettle sitting on an old chair with a drape reminds me of a +Watched pot not +boiling. Every thing in life can looks nicely +arranged. The reality is though, if some one doesn't light a+ fire under than pot and put some water in it, you will never reach the +Goal of having a cup of hot tea.


My dad +dreamed. He also put forth some effort with so much enthusiasm in every thing he did. He often lit a fire under me to explore the things he himself longed to do. I am +Grateful for that.


There is more to this photo than meets the eye. About 10 years ago, Dad and I listened to a +Sermon titled More ad More. The goal based on a scripture was to take you have and make more.

My dad and I went home wondering what do we have we could lite the +Proverbial +Fire under and make more. I was sitting and sorting 1,000's of photos to organize them. +Simultaneously we knew that we could take his and my photography work and make greeting cards to sell.


My dad and I did make greeting cards and sold quite a few At this point my son encouraged me to learn a few computer skills and sell the cards on line. I learned a lot of new skills including +Displaying our cards on-line to see. Well, we did not sell any on-line. We did sell large inventory in the Mom and Pop stores.

If you happen to run across the company , +More & More that bears my father's name and my married name, you will see how taking some action grows to more than you could than expect. You get a fire lite under that pot of water instead of letting it just sit. I own many of the old photos that, my dad, or better known as +Grandpa had so much joy arranging and re-arranging family +heirlooms.


This card business experience lead me to write and book and get into the social media +arena. Today I am blogging on the +Ultimate +Blog +Challenge.

I write on bubblews.com and actually earn some cash. I also write for +ELT Birth and Beyond, an e-zine.

I had to start somewhere.


As for the rest of the 1,000's of dusty photos sitting in a box, I use them with my blogging. Sometimes they + inspire me what to write. Other times they may make a post more interesting. This was my Dad's and my project that grew into something bigger because we lite that fire under the watched pot. My dad died at age 90 last year. The work that he and I did together still gets to live on and be+ appreciated.

Thanks Dad.

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying "Make good choices.'


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+ELT Birth and Beyond, an e-zine

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I know call my self Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna

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